Kong Has Ceased Development

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Kong Has Ceased Development
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Wow, this is a huge blow. DD

Wow, this is a huge blow. DD-WRT is now dead for the R7000?

Vlad Benya
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That is really really bad.

That is really really bad. Well... poop happens... Time to think about Tomato firmware that is not ideal one. At some point I may decide to switch back to the stock one, however lack of openvpn support is a deal breaker.

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I'd like to take this chance

I'd like to take this chance to thank Kong for the great gift he gave to us.

Kong, the work you've done has dramatically improved my home network. Thanks to the firmware you've provided, I'm able to use a couple of R7000 routers to pursue hobbies that I otherwise wouldn't be able to.

Your firmware allows me to:

Run a vanilla web server and a mail server for friends and family with static IP addresses assigned to the different VMs.
Run a Railo web server, with port forwarding from a static IP, to the server and to a SQL install, to practise different things - I'm a junior coldfusion developer at my day job and experimenting on this box is a big deal.
Run an ownCloud VM with a dedicated IP address, to keep files safe and secure for friends, family, and myself.
Use port forwarding to handle traffic to my weather station, my MagicJack, and to Media Browser on my HTPC (streaming to our mobile devices).
Seamlessly use VPN on my laptop, my wife's computer, and our mobile devices, without interfering with the servers.

I learn something new every day, but I wouldn't have much time for that if it were not for the work that you did and gave to us - I'd have to spend time tinkering with Tomato or spend a lot of money on a different router/firewall solution.

Thank you, Kong.

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It's a shame Netgear wouldn't

It's a shame Netgear wouldn't just hire him to allow him to work on this firmware, it's light years more capable than their own without that disgusting interface.

Regardless, it looks like he shut down his server too so we can no longer even download the firmware...