DD-WRT upgrade necessary?

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DD-WRT upgrade necessary?

I've had my R7000 since November of last year.  I'm running build 25090M of Kong's DD-WRT.  As far as I see, there are a couple of "Kong mods" and higher firmware version numbers available, are there enough new features that would warrant an upgrade?  I run PIA through the R7000 but aside from that, nothing too heavy.  Speeds are okay, on my 60/6 connection I'm getting about 20-25/5 depending on time of day.  Doubt an upgrade would help that.  Thoughts?

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My thoughts relate to

My thoughts relate to whatever works well and you're satisified with...........Don't mess with it......if it isn't broke.......don't fix it.   I tried downloading and installing Tomato on an R7000 and during the installation, it appeared to stop loading so I stopped it, rebooted and voila........bricked the R7000

I have two more R7000 and my advice is NEVER do anything until the R7000 has completed loading even if it takes all day....I have since loaded them both with DD-WRT files and I'll not be messing with them until I have to otherwise you may find yourself with problems that can't be fixed.