R7500 won't start - only eSATA lit

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R7500 won't start - only eSATA lit


Having been playing with alternative firmware I decided to return my R7500 back to its Netgear firmware. Having left it for some time I returned to find only the eSATA light lit.

I've tried pressing holding the reset button for 7 seconds - nothing happens.

I've tried setting my client to, and every other IP I can think of. When you connect to one of the Ethernet ports on the R7500 the relevant light comes on and a MAC address is evident but no IP. I even ran Wireshark and could see the R7500 responding via Ethernet/Mac but not IP.....

When it first powers on the LAN Switch ports flash once and then the eSATA light remains constant - The power light never comes on amber, white, flashing or otherwise. All of the other lights remain off.

Any suggestions? Perhaps connecting to the internal serial connector? Any other magic tricks? Is there another level of reset or software maintenance other those I have tried above?

Anyone experienced this eSATA LED/light only situation with the R7500 or other Netgear router?

Any suggestions or info greatly appreciated.





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I faced the same problem about a week after I got my R7500. I did not try alternative FW yet when I got "eSATA LED only" after ordinary reboot. But I used eSATA HDD (3.5", in the big box with external power supply). So I was sure that this is the problem of this eSATA HDD (voltage jump or so). I found similar cases in official Netgear forum. Two guys with the same problem/ Did you use eSATA HDD?

Unfortunately, no solution for this problem. I tried everything what is possible except internal serial connector. Brick. Netgear support replaced my router providing me new one. W/o attempt to recover. I suppose they know this problem with eSATA and are ready to replace broken router but not to recover. Use your warranty.

Now I just do not use this eSATA HDD with R7500.