DD-WRT firmware Based on revision 28514 - PIA VPN won't connect

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DD-WRT firmware Based on revision 28514 - PIA VPN won't connect

I just flashed my R7000 with 28514, all functions EXCEPT PIA VPN tunnel worked fine.  I used the same setup/configuration as that on the previous 27261 build.  I didn't have any particular reason to upgrade as there was nothing given suggesting what the new build solved so I reverted back to 27261 and it works fine.  Just throwing that info out there in case others are having the issue with VPN connecting.  It does start to connect but then just croaks, nothing in the log, and it even resets services to disable vpn client.  If anyone has a compelling reason to upgrade to 28514 and can make PIA VPN work please let us know.

Mark Greece
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With release 28600 everything

With release 28600 everything perfect except ipv6/native with previous release who worked fine.

When update to 14/1/2016 and/or  15/1/2016  releases  without  reset to defaults as always, then:

Wan connectivity dead, sometimes i can see pages only to http and for a while 5-10sec . Ping to the outside world is dead too.

SSh not work.

Ipv6 always as native config still not working

And web interface is accesible only via https and no http.

Wireless at 2.4 Ghz is working, i did not test the 5Ghz radio.

Of course  i could not  test all the futures in my conf.

I tried the ios from myopenrouter and desipro site

I reverted it  to the 28600 finally



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is a guest network on a

is a guest network on a seperate vlan working?

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Same issue here, open vpn

Same issue here, open vpn failes with Pia (I have not tested with other Vpn services) Pptp does work. Pia support tried to help but no luck with this build. Looking forward to a fix.