New Platform Features: Update Your Profile And More!

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Peter Redmer
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New Platform Features: Update Your Profile And More!

In our recent upgrade to our platform, we've introduced some new features, and I'd like to introduce you to how they work.

Rating Content Items 

First, we've added the ability to rate other content on the site, such as individual forum threads.  You'll also be able to see average user ratings for each content item.  Go right ahead and start rating your favorite content items, and help other community members find the best stuff!

Update And Personalize Your Profile 

Second, we've upgraded the profile screen, and added the availability of some great custom options. 

Here's what you'll now be able to do:

  • Add your Twitter username
  • Add your YouTube ID
  • Add your Flickr account

All of these will be visible when other community members view your profile.  In addition, you'll also be able to select the country you live in, and your country's flag will be proudly displayed next to your avatar! 


We've also enhanced the Groups section of the site.  First, you'll now see a sidebar on the right hand side of your screen, where you can access "My Groups," the groups that you are subscribed to, with one easy click.

You can also see all members in a group, and the member count in each.

So What Are You Waiting For?

We hope you enjoy the new features in our latest upgrade.  Have fun updating your profile, rating content, and enjoying your Groups! 


Scott R
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Edit  profile pages says

Edit  profile pages says avatars 150x150 but looks like they are being reduced to 40x40. Is that intentional?

Peter Redmer
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Hi Scott,

Hi Scott,

This is a very old post that was made before we transitioned to a new CMS system, so what you read here doesn't apply to the current platform. Wow, I can't believe I wrote this 8 years ago!

I believe the size of profile pics, currently, is the "max" size for upload; the software will downsize the image so it fits in the theme.