R8000 wl2 problem on dd-wrt 27775m

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R8000 wl2 problem on dd-wrt 27775m



i have just bought this R8000 and flashed it with the latest Kong build 27775m.  

there are 3 configs for each of the wireless antennae.

i have named them 3 different names and can see all of them on the wifi list.

BUT, i can't log in to wl2.  when i try with my windows laptop, it asks me for a user name and password.  but i havent set any user name.

the wl0 has really weak signal, im not sure if this is the firmware or the hardware.

only wl1 the 2.4GHz channel is working normally.


can someone please help me or give me any suggestions on how to fix this? i am new to custom firmware for routers.


thank you

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to be a little more clear,

to be a little more clear,

i can log in to wl0 with laptop and other wireless devices (samsung s6), but the signal is bad and speed is slow.

wl1 has no problems being detected and used by laptop and other wireless devices

wl2 is visible in the wifi list with the ssid i have given it (i read others had problems with renaming wl2 ssid and it showing up as dd-wrt, but this is not the case for me)  but on my laptop, it asks for user name and password, but there is no set user name, so no way to log in.  and on wireless device (samsung s6) after typing in the correct wpa set password, it still cant connect.

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I have the same on the wl2,

I have the same on the wl2 access point, did full WiFi signal analysis and could not find any interfering signals, tried all channells, all combinations of network modes and channel widths, tested with 3 differnt mobile phones and 2 laptops and tablets, to no avail. I eventually gave up and disabled wl2, shame because the signal on wl0 is weak in comparison to wl2.

I beleive there's a problem with the DD-WRT firmware as the original Netgear Genie firmware worked fine on all 3 WiFI access points. 

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same problem here

same problem here

wl1 (2.4 GHz) seems to work with win10 und ios client-connections, but with very low performance compared to original Netgear-firmware, with a mac, unstable connection (drops every 10 to 15 minutes) and then no automatic reconnection

wl2 doesn't work in no case

wl1: can attach with win10-client, performance bad, ssid cannot seen by mac, ssid seen by ios-devices, but always ask for password, and password will be never accected

client-bridging from a linksys ea6500 (with dd-wrt) to R8000 with Netgear -firmware works perfect (on all interfaces), to a R8000 with this dd-wrt-firmware, a connection only to wl1 is possible, but very unstable (connection drops every 2 or 3 minutes)


I went back to the original Netgear-firmware and now not having any connection-problems, but i cannot use all the nice features like openvpn, dnsmasq....