R7000 Completely Freezing after v3.0-r31160M Install

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R7000 Completely Freezing after v3.0-r31160M Install

Is anyone having trouble with their Netgear R7000 freezing frequently after installing the latest firmware? (DD-WRT v3.0-r31160M)

My R7000 has been rock-solid for a couple of years. Without changing a single setting, I flashed the latest DD-WRT release three days ago and ever since the router has been completely freezing once or twice per day. When it happens, I cannot access the router's web interface or log in via SSH. All the LEDs on the router appear normal, but the device stops routing altogether (cannot reach internet) and both WiFi (2.4 & 5 GHz) networks disappear. The only fix is to power cycle the device. It is completely unreachable and non-functional until I do so.

Am I the only person experiencing this?


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Hi, I am having similar

Hi, I am having similar issues. It stops routing. The clients are still connected to Wifi but no data. Sometimes the first reboot does not help because wifi is not coming up. Second reboot and it works for a day or two. Was about to flash stock, but I need this little webserver for home automation scripts. The other idea is to perform a factory reset and start from scratch.

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Same for me. Just flashed it

Same for me. Just flashed it day ago (upgrade from 2015 version which was rock solid)  hoping that vpn got improved. Today after about 20hrs it was dead as bikerfunjoe explains. Will keep investigating for a while...

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Same thing for me.

Same thing for me.

Can you say me what revision I can get for stability?


Xavier .


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Two days ago I flashed the

Two days ago I flashed the previous version ( v3.0 r3106M Jan 03, 2017) and haven't had any problems since. 



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Also having issues similar to

Also having issues similar to what everyone else mentioned.  Just overall seems very unstable.  Some things I've noticed:

- Wifi has been very unreliable.  Clients from IOS to Windows will just all of the sudden stop connecting, prompt again for the password, connect but show "no Internet access", etc.  I've tried running with the wireless settings exactly as they are in the build, changing mixed mode to "N" (2.4) or "AC" (5), playing with 20 versus 40 channel width.  Sometimes it just plain stops working.

- Sometimes wired Windows clients will lose Internet with the built in Windows diagnostic thinking that "Windows Could not Automatically Detect Network’s Proxy Settings" even though I don't use any proxy settings/servers.

- Web GUI interface becomes inaccessible or painfully slow to load from time to time.

- I have a security camera system that I'll monitor from work via OpenVPN.  The other day I connected and it died after two hours.  Router seemed to be online and fine when I got home later that day.  I was expecting it to be hung or frozen.  I was able to be connected all day today without any issues.

I'm about done with this router.  Even on the latest stock firmware it will just die and need to be power cycled a few times per week.  I was hoping DDWRT might be better but maybe it's time to get a Cisco VPN router and demote this to an 802.11ac AP.


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Im on 311000M guess ill stay

Im on 311000M guess ill stay here since ive had no issues..


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I'm having exactly the same

I'm having exactly the same issue - brand new R7000


Flashed the 31160M FW from Netgear's own - all set up with DD-wrt and OpenVPN - working great for a day, now freezes with symptoms as described in post 1 each day.


I don't really know what I'm doing - took me forever to set it up following guides on the internet - I'm gonna have a bash at 'upgrading' to an older firmware and hopefully won't brick it.

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Well.. 48 hrs and still

Well.. 48 hrs and still running without any problems on the FW linked above by bikerfunjoe.

Looks like either an issue with the 31160M FW or perhaps the setup of it.

Downgrading appears to have fixed it for me.

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31509M seems good. 

31509M seems good. 

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I flashed the latest R7000

I flashed the latest R7000 Kong release (Dated 2017-03-02) yesterday. My router locked up after only 4 hours. Internet gone, no DHCP & no NAT. Could SSH into the router. It thought it was fine. Had to power button to reset. Had to re-flash back to v3.0-r31060M (Dated 2017-01-03). The last two versions have caused my R7000 to lock up like this. Some change originating in v3.0-r3116M persists.