Tomato, VPN Client, and excluding one LAN IP

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Tomato, VPN Client, and excluding one LAN IP

Hi folks! I'm running Tomato Shibby v1.28-138 on my R7000.  I have everything setup and a succesful PureVPN connection via openVPN.  LOVE IT!

There's only one thing I can't figure out:  I want one LAN IP address to bypass the VPN (my appleTV, so that Netflix will work).  I did some searching but the notes all seem to be about using old scripts.

Can anyone help me out with this?  Happy to compensate for expertise.

Thanks! Kris


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You can create a specific VLAN for your Apple TV and configure your VPN (interface type TAP) to be use on the other VLAN.

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Hi Kris,

Hi Kris,

I have the same situation with two Apple TVs and a couple of other devices that need to bypass the VPN. After some research I found a startup script, which I modified to suit my needs. You can simply copy it to "Administration -> Commands", set the IPs you want to bypass the VPN, save as startup script and restart the router.

Here it is:

sleep 30
[ -z "$NO_VPN_LST" ] && exit 0
while [ $WAN_GWAY == "" ]; do
sleep 3
WAN_GWAY=`nvram get wan_gateway`
ip route add default via $WAN_GWAY table 10
for ipa in $NO_VPN_LST; do
ip rule add from $ipa table 10
ip route flush cache
exit 0