Periodic NO WAN with Nighthawk

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Periodic NO WAN with Nighthawk


While I do not know if it is related or not, ever since the latest Kong update I have a periodic problem that I'm having difficulty to track down.  Every few days when I wake up in the morning I find the Netgear Nighthawk is servicing the LAN just fine but no internet connection. When I scan my LAN I see the DD-WRT router on its' normal IP (2.1) yet it refuses to connect when I try to access via browser, I just get "not available".   There is no internet connection, yet I can access any other device (like my RPi3 home controller) on that ( network. 

I use DD-WRT with NordVPN to set up a UDP VPN conection.  Since one of the things I  use my RPi3 for is to monitor my internet connection integrity and speed (my ISP has a habit of lowering the speed from what I'm paying for), I notice in its' log that every night, exactly at midnight, the connection goes down for a few seconds, like an ISP wide reset.   Most times the NIghthawk must recover fine but sometimes it gets stuck in this funcky status wheere I cannot access it and it has no internet connection. I have a second wifi router that sets up a normal internet wifi connection (not over VPN) in parallel to the Nighthawk VPN wifi router (some uses require one to not be on a VPN) (my ISP modem is in bridge mode) and it is working and accessing the internet just fine, never seems to be impacted by this "reset", if thats what is causing the problem. 

Without the ability to access the Nighthawk by browser, I usually have to do a full HW reset, load the OEM FW, get it up and running as a normal Netgear router, then re-load DD-WRT, then reload the specific VPN config.  A major pain in the butt time consumer.   

Any suggestions as to what could cause the router to go "blind" to browser access and WAN connectivity like this?



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Mine is doing the exact same

Mine is doing the exact same thing. I looked in the logs and the R7000 says its "Terminating on signal 15", which means it can't detect a signal on the WAN so it disconnects, but doesn't reconnect. It could be modem related, because when I use another (ISP supplied) modem, I don't suffer the intermittent disconnects. This whole thing has driven me insane.


Funny thing is that when I change to my ISP supplied modem I don't have this issue.

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I have exactly the same

I have exactly the same problem with my R7000. Swapped to another Netgear modem/router, works fine. But my R7000 keeps dropping the WAN. It has driven me crazy trying to sort it out. I'm going to flash the firmware with a Tomato build to see what happens.....

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I'm having the same problem

I'm having the same problem with my R7800 and a similar setup, also using NordVPN. Any ideas yet?

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I've noticed the same issue

I've noticed the same issue since the last May Kong update. Looking for a solution. Some other guy in a different thread suggested to power cycle the router.

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for the time being I've set

for the time being I've set up the WDS/Connection Watchdog function in the administration -> keep alive tab. So in case I lose the WAN it will restart the router. It's not a solution though.

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the keep alive function did

the keep alive function did NOT work. I've so far downgraded the firmware (to 3/21) until a new firmware or a different solution comes up.
At this moment, Kong has released a new firmware (06/11) and the problem persists. 

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downgrading to 3/21 DID not

downgrading to 3/21 DID not solve the problem, which showed up again after about 15 hours of uptime.

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As the keep alive does not

As the keep alive does not work, I set the R7000 to reboot every 6 hours.. Not optimal.. I wonder whether this is related to DD-WRT or the Netgear R7000 hardware?  Does the R9000 have the same issue?  

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I can't comment on your loss

I can't comment on your loss of WAN but I think I can help you with no longer having to rebuild your router from scratch.  For as long as I can remember my R7000 has failed to start the web interface about 50% of the time after a reboot.    My solution is to telnet into the router and issue the httpd command.   Trust me, you're gonna like it.

I love DD-WRT but it sure has kept me busy wondering what's going on sometimes.  I recently became guardian of two young girls.  They're on the internet all night long.   This caused me to discover that Access Restrictions don't work on the Guest Network.   Of course it took me 3 days to conclude it wasn't my own stupidity.