R8000 Nighthawk: Tomato by shibby Now Available

The venerable shibby, hailing from Poland and an expert in all things Tomato and NETGEAR, has ported the famous firmware to the NETGEAR R8000 Nighthawk. If you're looking for a way to turn this router into an even more customizable powerhouse, this is a good way to go.

Initial flash file can be found here, with the upgrade files for the slimmer VPN flavor and full featured AIO flavor to flash afterward.

More information at


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I noticed that the initail

I noticed that the initail image given for 138 was a .trx. I thought it was nothing but when I gave the R8000 the file it said I NEEDED .chk. I surfed and found one .chk file but it was only for version 134, and there is no AIO image for 134.  So I'm wondering if it's ok for me to use a 134.chk initail file along with a 138 or other AIO file? I am also wondering why they even give a .trx file if it's useless. 

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Hi, I am new to custom

Hi, I am new to custom firmware. Anyway, I flashed Tomato Shibby initial 140 and then tomato-R8000-ARM--140-AIO-64K, but I can't see all the menus about Captive portal, USB setup, etc. There should be just in the main manu, but the only item there is VPN setup. What did I do wrong? I tried to reflash it and delete NVRAM, but with no avail.

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Same issue as tosinek.

Same issue as tosinek.  Captive portal and USB/NAS sections are missing.

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Thanks for your guide. I get

Thanks for your guide. I get my Genie back now. For the Wi-fi connection, I don't see much improvement from Tomato after I have set ti to maximum output.

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Question.  First time

Question.  First time flashing a router.  Got it up and running today with STRONG VPN tunnel services.  Everything is working, but my signal strength is not very good.  I cannot set this router up as a Bridge because then VPN services will not work.  What is the best way to do this?  through QoS?  Do i name each channel a different SSID....etc.  Anyone have any suggestions.  On the floor the router is on everything works.  Down in the living room, phones barely connect and Netfilx on Apple TV takes forever.....


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Parental Control problem here

Parental Control problem here. Healthcare professionals say too much internet is a bad thing and breaks are needed. So, I have a reboot at 3:30 PM, reconnect at 7:45 pm, and another reconnect at 10:00 pm (it's time to get some sleep here. Stay on longer at your own risk!). My sibling has no problem with this, except for ONE big thing. She doesn't like surprises. Can you set Tomatousb or Openwrt to create a notification (i know, we all hate notifications for gaming). Say something like, "the router will be refreshing itself for maintenance. Would you like to log out now or in 2 minutes?". Then, force log off in two minutes. All she wants is that message. Thanks.