Extensive wireless problems with Kong's 11/1 release

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Extensive wireless problems with Kong's 11/1 release

I know there are already threads, but this one is to detail specific issues not mentioned in the others.

I loaded the build onto an R7000, and had the following problems:

1.  Devices not seeing each other when connected through bridging devices; Connectivity for wireless devices was effectively limited to the devices connected directly to each wireless device (whether that be the main gateway or a bridge).  The bridging devices themselves were seen most of the time.  Wired devices seemed exempt from these limitations, but I did not test extensively.

Example (<---> indicates direct connection, devices are lettered):  (wireless-B, wireless-C)  <--->  (wirelessbridge-D)  <--->  (maingateway-A)  <---> (wired-E, wired-F, wireless-G, wireless-H)

Device B can see devices C, D, A, E, F, and the internet, but cannot see devices G and H.

Device G can see devices E, F, H, A, and the internet, and sometimes see D, but it cannot see devices B and C.

I played with this for hours, and even loaded the same firmware (Kong 11/1) on an R6250 in an effort to fix it, thinking it might be an issue with my wireless repeater bridge (Asus RP-AC56), but ran into the same issue with the R6250 configured as a repeater bridge.

2.  Loss of internet connectivity on some devices, and sporadic connectivity on other devices; For instance, even on devices that did not report intermittent loss of connectivity, bandwidth tests were jagged and spotty (if that makes sense).  I did not test for solid connectivity from devices which were wired directly to the gateway.. so, basically, I did not see any evidence of problems over wired connections, but I did not test extensively.

3.  Some devices wouldn't connect directly to the gateway, and I saw this only on both the 2.4G and 5G bands.  Chosen band affected which devices were able to connect.

4.  I happened to see the Tomato GUI updated release, and loaded that on the R7000.  That fixed all problems, except those which continued to be introduced by the R6250 which now had the same Kong 11/1 version loaded; I once again put the RP-AC56 into service in place of the R6250, and all problems vanished.  I am now using the R7000 with Tomato firmware and stock firmware on the RP-AC56, and things are fine.  Incidentally, I tested Tomato on the R6250, and it kills the 2.4G wireless band, which is documented elsewhere, but I'm just mentioning it for confirmation.

I hope this is helpful.


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Oh, I forgot to mention that

Oh, I forgot to mention that I am also using a wireless bridge (Cisco WUMC710) to provide ethernet to 3 devices (2 computers and a VOIP phone), and those devices, though wired to the Cisco bridge, were subject to the same phenomenon as mentioned in the problem 1 area, presumably because they were separated from the main router by a wireless connection.

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Simpler setup, same issues

My setup is much simpler, but I am having the same issues. I spent all night and most of the morning trying to figure out what I had done wrong, but after flashing back to the 6/11/17 release, I don't have any problems.

Essentially, I could not connect to my wireless camera, raspberry pi, or many other devices (but port forwarding and accessing them from outside the network worked fine). The devices all had internet connection, but could not communicate with each other. I tried hostnames and IPs, but it just wouldn't work.

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It looks there are a new set

It looks there are a new set of releases that came just a few days after the 11/1 releases. Perhaps those resolve this issue?