TelnetEnable for NETGEAR R7000 and NETGEAR R7500

The modified telnetenable for both python and telnetenable.c for Linux are listed on the OpenWRT wiki for unlocking telnet:

telnetenable in Python

NetgearTelnetEnable (telnetenable.c)

Compiled Binary for Linux x86-64


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I followed the procedure for

I followed the procedure for new Telnet enable in Windows and on Linux with web portal password. I get message 

Payload has been sent to Netgear router.
Telnet should be enabled.
However subsequent Telnet attempt is always refused. What might be missing?
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This does not work for my

This does not work for my R7500 v2 which was upgraded to to openwrt as of the 12/12/2016 release.  The windows binary does run and I get a message saying that telnet should be enabled, but when I try to telnet to the lan interface it says connection failed.  Confirmed that the option to limit telnet is unchecked.

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Newer firmwares from Netgear

Newer firmwares from Netgear require telnetenable to send a UDP payload instead of TCP. works in Windows 10

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For people with later Netgear

For people with later Netgear firmwares, the telnetenable protocol has been modified to require a UDP instead of a TCP (the old or original telnetenable) packet.


The new telnetenable2 for windows (also works on Windows 10 no problem) is available here:

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Doesn't work on my R7000 with

Doesn't work on my R7000 with latest firmware (I tried telnetenable2).