DD-WRT Kong Mod for NETGEAR R9000 Update (26-May-18)

To any Kong users out there with the R9000 Nighthawk -- there is a second update available for Kong's DD-WRT build, released near the end of May. All of the downloads are located here. You can also use our forums to post any questions, feedback, or inquiries to the developer. To are going to want to download and flash the correct version for your R9000 Nighthawk. This depends on whether you are upgrading from stock NETGEAR firmware, or updating an existing Kong build.


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This is the first release of

This is the first release of the R9000 firmware that hangs every few hours (internet plus LAN). Sometimes a router reboot cures the problem and at other times, the router recovers by itself and everything is fine.

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This version had trouble

This version had trouble connecting with my Nest camera's. One camera would not connect at all. The previous version works fine.

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I had to go back to the

I had to go back to the previous build as this latest build would hang. In addtion, OpenVPN would crash or not connect at al. Finally, I had problems getting a NetGear AC1200 Wireless Extender to connect conisistently.