Voxel - which file to install

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Voxel - which file to install


I have a new router and want to install Voxel's firmware on it, which file should I install first?

After I install the initial firmware, can I immediately install the last version?



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After reading the readme file

After reading the readme file I have few more questions:

1. How do I configure my WAN/LAN? what other setting except for the wifi do I need to configure after the installation?

2. if I'm following this method to install OpenVPN, do I need to configure anything else (like ssh access) or is it enough just putting the files on the USB stick and connect it to the router? How do I disable openvpn server?

Create the folder /openvpn-client at the root of USB stick (name of folder should be lowercase).

Put your *.ovpn config file into this folder (.ovpn extension of the file must be lowercase).

Insert this USB stick into router. OpenVPN client will be started after 30 seconds. And it will be started automatically every time after next reboot already w/o USB stick.

It is suggested to use CA/CERT/KEY of client embedded into you *.ovpn. But separate CA/CERT/KEY files also could be used. Every file from /openvpn-client folder on the USB stick will be copied to /etc/openvpn/config/client directory of your router. So use this path to CA/CERT/KEY in your *.ovpn config file.

To disable OpenVPN client just create the file “disable” in the folder /openvpn-client (/openvpn-client/disable) on your USB stick and insert it into router. Now OpenVPN client will not be used.

3. Do I need to actvly configure dnscrypt-proxy or the firmware comes with it pre-activated?