Can't load firmware

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Can't load firmware
I'm having problems installing DD-WRT and hoping you can help. 
I'm trying to update the firmware on my R7800 router. It's currently running netgear firmware V1.0.2.04.  I reset the router to factory default. I logged in and navigated to Advance - Administration - Firmware Update. I then navigate to the location of the  R7800-factory-to-ddwrt.img file. I click upload and see the percent being loaded. It looks like the file uploads completely. My problem is that once the file is uploaded, it just says "Please wait a moment". I don't see the lights change to amber on the router indicating the firmware is updating. I let it run for over 10 minutes and nothing.  I don't see the progress bar. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have 2 of these routers and am having the same problems on both so it must be me.
Also, I tried to install the latest Netgear firmware and had the same problem.
Any help is greatly appreciated!!
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Solved!  I tried flashing the

Solved!  I tried flashing the firmware using IE and it worked. I assume there's an extension in my Chrome configuration that's causing a conflict.

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I recommend not using Chrome

I recommend not using Chrome for ANY FW update. Use IE11 or FF browsers.