OpenWRT Firmware Officially Available for NETGEAR D7800

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I have just purchased a D7800

I have just purchased a D7800 for use as a BTHUB replacement. One problem with the Hub6 is that it insists on adding -5 to the 5GHz network SSIDs, and well, I want them named as I want them named!

So I installed D7800-OpenWRT-Dec012015 - had trouble with normal installation methods but tftp seemed to work. One VITAL p[iece of information omitted in the notes is that if you want the modem to work, you need to add under WAN phisical settings a custom interface with the parameter ptm0.101 in it. The modem will not work otherwise! Othersettings are as in the readme file under VDSL PTM DHCP

But I am still having problems withj the stability of the wifi. I was warned that using save and apply on wifi would crash the router.. well this seemed to get worse and now the router crashes always a few minutes after boot, seems to be as the wifi is coming up. Boot is slow, at least 2 or 3 minutes!

Anyone else using this firmware with Btinfinity got any tips?

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I recently purchased a D7800

I recently purchased a D7800 and also want to install VPN at the router.  I will be using the modem as well.  Have there been any updates to the firmware in support of this?