FiOS Gigabit Running Slow

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FiOS Gigabit Running Slow

I just got FiOS last week and missed the rock-solid nature of my R7000P so after trying to make it work with Verizon's G3100 router, this morning I swapped it out for the Nighthawk with DD-WRT (6-18-19 Kong). Not worried about any restrictions by using my own router as none of them apply to my setup (I run a TiVo on a cable card so no need for the G3100 in this setup).

The issue now is that I went form ~950 up/down to ~200 up/down and I'm clueless as to where to start looking. 

Is anyone else running this setup and have any ideas what the bottleneck might be?

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Go to Wireless-- Basic

Go to Wireless-- Basic Setting-- TurboQAM (QAM256) support "disable it" reboot your router. test your speed... let me know if this fixed your issue...