W3500L v1 WAN throughput

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W3500L v1 WAN throughput

Hi guys,

I have W3500L v1along with v1.28.7508 MIPSR2Toastman-RT K26 USB VLAN-VPN and have noticed slow throughput on WAN port.

I can get not more than 90-92 Mbits.

To clarify: yes, all ports are 1000MbitFD,: LAN is 100% 1GBit FD, WAN port connected to  media converter (fiber) with 1GBit FD, i've been testing throughput with my ISP, my ISP set limit to 600Mbit for testing, I have eliminated local network issues and my ISP eliminated their configuration so it looks that bootleneck must be router throughput). I just wonder if anyone has same problem and if anyone has resolved it to get more throughput?

I've been disabled almost all features and services except VLAN (my provider requires VLAN tagging on WAN port)



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I also have a 3500L, v1.28

I also have a 3500L, v1.28 firmware, with the same problem, it indicates gigabit connection, but it´s limited to 80-82 mbit on WAN port.

Last friday I swaped it with a TP-Link 4310 running OpenWRT and speed went to 125mbit, so it´s not a ISP limitation.

Any help would be great, I find it much easier to setup then OpenWRT.