*** Dummys Guide to R7000P firmware *****

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*** Dummys Guide to R7000P firmware *****

NightHawk R7000P(AC2300)
OEM Stock standard router brand new out of the box.
OEM R7000P factory installed firmware version : V1.3.1.64_10.1.36

Can any one assist with step-by-step instructions to flash this new router to
DD-WRT to allow NORDVPN (OpenVPN) firmware to work on this hardware.
----------------------- Step by Step -------------------

Step 1. I login to the router |admin|setup and clear the router back to factory settings.

Step 2. Do I down grade the current OEM version of firmware to a lower version ?
Example : R7000P-V1.0.0.44_1.0.27.zip

Step 3. Do I need to pre-flash with a boot loader version of Kong firmware.
Example: factory-to-dd-wrt-chk

Step 4. Do I flash with DD-WRT Kong firmware after step 3 preflash?
Example dd-wrt.K3_R7000p.chk

Step 5. Do I reset the router after the new DD-WRT firmware versions is installed?

Step 6. Configure the new DD-WRT firmware settings to OPENVPN









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Just flash factory to DD-wrt

Just flash factory to DD-wrt .Chk file from ftp: DON"T USE BIN file.