Bricked R8000 need JTAG pinouts

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Bricked R8000 need JTAG pinouts

My router CFE was over written. I have searched for the last two weeks for pinout JTAG on this router. I have a back up of the boot mtd0 to reflash. 

The tftp method will not work since CFE needs reflash, also tried nmrpflash. 

I have an esp8266 working on setting up WiFi JTAG programmer. Sine mainly working fro! Laptop I have Linux or windows. If you know another programmer, software or cable to buy. 

Only times I see JTAG mentioned with this or the R7900 is asking for pinout and no response or they are mistaken and calling the serial 4 pin a jtag.

thanks for any help. 

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Did you look here:

Did you look here:

There are photos of the headder on this page.  I hope this helps.



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Did you find a way to do

Did you find a way to do flash the bootloader? (CFE).