OpenWrt r36132 for NETGEAR WNR3500L

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I've been waiting long. Finally can use OpenWrt on the WNR3500L. This build is a basic system and can be expanded through the package manager.

This build should be used only by experienced users!

What's available:
- Base System
- Broadcom proprietary driver
- LuCI Webconfiguration

What works:
- Network (Ethernet, Wireless G+)

What does not work:
- LED, Button Configuration

Install the image. If you do not know how, then this build is not suitable for you. The router should be accessible at SSH works only after a password has been set. That you can telnet or LuCI do. Study the OpenWrt documentation.

I'm using the build on my WNR3500L as wireless client bridge. I welcome feedback and suggestions.

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