Voxel's NETGEAR R7800 Custom Firmware

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New version of my custom firmware build:

Changes (vs

1. wget package is upgraded 1.20.1->1.20.3.
2. sqlite package is upgraded 3260000->3270200.
3. getdns package (used in stubby) is upgraded 1.5.0->1.5.2.
4. stubby package is upgraded 0.2.4->0.2.6.
5. DNSCrypt Proxy v.2 is upgraded 2.0.22->2.0.23.
6. usb-modeswitch package is upgraded 2014-08-26->2017-12-19.
7. usb-modeswitch-data is upgraded 20150115->20170806.
8. proftpd: typo bug is fixed.
9. OpenVPN client: lacking "default turbo mode" issue is fixed (reported by kamoj).
10. congestion control algorithm is changed to westwood+.
11. rmem_max/wmem_max/defaults values are decreased to avoid bufferbloat issues (note: use QoS and limit your max speed for good results in dslreports site).
12. DNSCryps Proxy V1 and its dependence libsodium are removed.
13. CDC/RNDIS USB LTE modem (HiLink) support scheme is significantly changed.
14. OpenSSH client is available for downloading as an addon (useful for Reverse SSH Tunneling, much faster than dropbear).
installation: "/bin/opkg install openssh-client_8.0p1-1_ipq806x.ipk"

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