Other Firmware for WN3500L V1/V2

Misc WN3500L firmware

Leaf Networks Enabled Firmware for WNR3500L (Worldwide)

Firmware for the NETGEAR WNR3500L with Leaf Networks file sharing built-in.

For more information on using Leaf Networks with your WNR3500L, click here.

Paragon Networks Enabled Firmware for NETGEAR WNR3500L

Firmware for NETGEAR WNR3500L with Paragon file sharing features.

WNR3500L Original Firmware (North America)

NETGEAR WNR3500L original factory firmware version in .chk format, for users in North America only.

WNR3500L Original Firmware (Worldwide)

NETGEAR WNR3500L original factory default firmware version, in .chk format.

WNR3500L Data Sheet and Specifications

Official NETGEAR spec sheet for the WNR3500L open source Wireless-N gigabit router.

WNR3500L Open Source Guide and Resources

The definitive open source guide for WNR3500L. You'll find the following information in this guide:

1. Hardware Specs
2. Functional Modules and Source Code
3. Making a Console Debug Interface
4. Uploading Custom Apps
5. Setting up a Serial Port Connection
6. Firmware Upgrade with Serial Console
7. Firmware Upgrade with GUI
8. Firmware Upgrade from DD-WRT
9. Firmware Upgrade from Tomato
10. Firmware Upgrade from X-WRT
11. Recovery Suggestions
12. NVRAM Commands
13. Flash Layout of Default Firmware

NETGEAR WNR3500L Original Firmware

Original NETGEAR firmware for the WNR3500L open source router.

OpenWRT Firmware for NETGEAR WNR3500L (BETA) (09/18/09)

The patches and the script in this release are based on latest openwrt distribution available at:
The latest OpenWRT distribution can be downloaded using the following commands:
svn co svn://svn.openwrt.org/openwrt/trunk

This package contains a script that automatically download latest OpenWRT code from its SVN and make it ready for compilation for Netgear WNR3500L. You need to run the script only.

Before running this script make one thing ensure that this script and wnr3500l.tar (you can find it in this package) are in the same directory. Otherwise put them into same directory and then run the script. On successful completion your code will be ready for compilation.

You can run the script by the command below.
$sh openwrt_build.sh

To compile the source code you need to give following command in the openwrt directory.

$make V=99

If everythings goes well then you can find the firmware under bin directory. Name of the firmware is openwrt_wnr3500l.chk

Main Supported features:
* User now can use GUI to configure the board using openwrt firmware.
* Firmware upgrade is working. You can upgrade original netgear firmware and other firmwares through openwrt web based firmware upgrade features. Reverse is also true i.e from original netgear firmware and other firmwares you can upgrade this openwrt firmware.
* Wireless working.
* USB is working. You can ftp to the board from LAN side of the board and access the attached USB device.

* WPA and WPA2 are not working.
* SAMBA support is not present.
* NAS can be accessed only through command line using utilities such as ftp
* and No GUI support to access NAS is available till now.
The patches and the script in this release are based on Tomato (version-1.25) available at