3500L Doesn't support basic subnetting?

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3500L Doesn't support basic subnetting?

Just got 2 new 3500L from newegg today. Good wireless speed and not too difficult to set up. One major problem with them so far: I have my network subnetted with a mask. This completely freaks out the router and after a short time, it will reset its own IP address back to which means all my machines with static addresses are suddenly no longer connected. 

I'm about to flash to the latest factory firmware until I can decide between Tomato, Kong, etc... 

Has anybody else had this problem? Is there a way to convince this thing it is a router and it should act accordingly?

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It will be better if you

It will be better if you provide me a brief description your setup arrangement, and configuration of your wnr3500l.
As subnetting is very basic feature of a router, the problem you are facing shouldn't occur.
I am using Netgear Original Firmware ( V1.0.0.74_12.0.64NA ) in my wnr3500l. I have also subnetted my network with a mask, but not experienced the problem you have mentioned.

Though this problem shouldn't arise in any version of firmware, you can try the firmware I am using. You can download it from the link below...

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I just gave up and went with

I just gave up and went with subnets

Now that it is all working I lack the will to mess with it.