Access controls by device, by day

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Access controls by device, by day

Hello everyone, this is my first time working with a router that would have "custom" firmware and loading it on the router.  I have a few questions, I picked up the R7000 thinking it would have the customization that I'm looking for but the stock firmware does not.  What I'm looking for is a way to control by device that's on the network and also control that particular device by each different day.  So each day would have different time restrictions (Monday say 9a - 10p, Tues 9a-8:30p, etc)

If I load the DD-WRT firmware on this new R7000 would it give me this access? The stock firmware I noticed can do a specific time restriction by IP address but it's all the same time frame and not by the different days.

Thanks for the help!

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I'm hoping you get and answer

I'm hoping you get and answer for this, as this is exactly what I need also. I have kids in school that I allow access at different times depending on day of week mostly because of school.

I would be very nice to have several groups of devices that can have different control times on the same day and be able to change them per day if desired.

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This info at dd-wrt would

This info at dd-wrt would seem to support what we both are looking for. Can have 10 rules. So I could use a rule during Mon-Fri for one set of times and a second rule to cover the weekends. Costs me 2 rules per group if I want weekday and weekend rules but not bad, even nicer I can block by MAC address instead of IP address. So my kids can't just use a manual ip address to get around a time of day restriction.

Hopefully someone with more experience with dd-wrt will verfiy that I did indeed understand this correctly.


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@David, yes you understood

@David, yes you understood this correctly.