Access Restrictions... but how do I check if they are online?

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Access Restrictions... but how do I check if they are online?

I have a Linksys WRT54G-TM running Tomato 1.25
I set up a rule on my router..
This rule disables WIFI from 10pm - 10am everyday.
My question is this..
Is there a way I could confirm the rule has taken effect on a machine used by my sister? Her computer is in her room.
I am testing this with different device now, and it is successfully
disabling the internet. The problem is I would not know it is taking
effect if the test device were not right next to me.
The "Device List" shows a static IP address with a wifi signal.
SO it looks like internet access is running although it is not.
I could ping my test device when internet access has been stopped, so that does not help either! =(
I need to confirm it is not running somehow. The log file is not enough to convince me. HELP!


B. Greene
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Caveat: Never used tomato,

Caveat: Never used tomato, only openwrt, ddwrt, hyperwrt.
1. If you are the defacto admin in the household and have ssh installed on that computer then you can log in and try and access the internet by:
a. (easy) pinging google;
b. (hard) using lynx, wget or similar command line app to check;
c. (hardest) or forwarding ports to use that computer as a crude proxy.
2. Otherwise the safer way is to enable logging and check to see if there is any traffic from her IP address. If you care to use external logging using wallwatcher or similar software you can see granular activity for your router.

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Thank you for your response B

Thank you for your response B. Green! I was using dd-wrt for about 1 year. The access restrictions sometimes did not work and I decided to upgrade the latest version. They still did not work. At that point I tried Tomato. I liked it a lot for about 2 days but the interface had everything I was using on the bottom of the page so I had to scroll down for everything. Someone from the forum was nice enough to give me a script so I could check the bandwidth activity of an access restricted machine. I just wanted to be able to verify that the machine had the access restriction successfully applied. Shortly after I installed Tomato, I found Gargoyle which I absolutely love. So far, I am able to do everything I need to. The interface is fantastic and every option I need is available. As far as ssh, I will look into it because it is an important thing to know how to do. I would like to test this on a new ipod touch with a nightly time restriction. I will check if it has ssh installed or not and do what needs to be donw.
As mentioned, there is a bandwidth monitor for single static ip available in Gargoyle but want to know how to use the ssh method.
I am really looking forward to trying this! Im excited!!
Thanks a million! :)