Agreement like a hotel

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Agreement like a hotel

Is there a website that a user can be redirected to once they connect.  After connecting they must agree with the terms of use?  We are going to use this netgear router with either DD-WRT or the major open router source intended for netgear.



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Hi m698322h!

Hi m698322h!
I'm with Titan Hotspots. We're currently working to develop a slew of hotspot management features for the WGR614L. Your feature request can be achieved through forced redirection to a captive portal page which can be customized to show whatever HTML you need. IE a terms of service acceptance page.

Feel free to get in contact with either Som or I if you have any questions. Titan Hotspots is not yet ready with these features but I'd be glad to keep you updated if you like.

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If you just want a terms

If you just want a terms agreement page, you could use NoCatSplash that's built into DD-WRT.