Airport Time Machine w/Netgear WNR1000v3

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Airport Time Machine w/Netgear WNR1000v3

Maybe I should have posted this under the Netgear forums....not sure. 

I have a Netgear WNR1000v3 from my ISP.  Used this alone for almost a year, but have recently done a ton of new things and I picked up a Time Machine which now functions as my router, albeit connected to the Netgear as modem. 

We live outside the city and have kind of a podunk ISP. But they're actually not bad, at least within my frame of reference. I'm not the most technologically dazzling guy, so it may only seem they're not that bad.  It does drop connection to my DirectTV genie boxes and overall internet isn't that great.  I used 2 MacBooks, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, and a PC for my kids, connected wirelessly via a Linksys adapter (I'd have to look up model, but it works well). 

Is this my ideal setup as is? An Apple CSR tried to help me setup my Time Capsule as primary router, but ISP said they didn't have an address so it wouldn't work.  Now Netgear is plugged into the wall, and TM is plugged into it.  

I learned about DD-WRT but appears won't work with the TM or the Netgear.  Any other optimizing options?  I feel it could all be faster.  Coverage isn't a huge issue.  It's prettty decent on my property as we're not disconnected by any structures.  But ATV is slow, DTV is slow.  And for my iPhone and iPad, I disconnect from wifi half the time and just use internal internet, as it gets frustrating seeing 1 or 2 bars from my wifi.  

I appreciate any advice.