airprint on R7000

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airprint on R7000

I can't find where to set up airprint within the menus on the router. What am I missing? 

Or is this one of those things that require you to use their Genie app on the PC, Mac, mobile devices?  If so, that would be LAME. 

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For AirPrint printers, the router doesn't need to know about AirPrint.

Provided the printer is on the WiFi network, your iPad (or other AirPrint device) will "just work".

It worked for me with the default (factory) setup after just setting up WiFi.  BTW, I have UPnP service Disabled (NAT/QoS -> UPnP), so I know that's not needed.

I hope that helps.




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russellr... shred is

russellr... shred is mentioning the functionality in the stock setup that proxies or creates AirPrint functionality for Non-Airprint printers.

I have tested this in the stock setup and it does work well.  I have not looked into if this is handled by the router or the genie app.  Looks like I will need to test with the Genie app open and closed on my PC.

So I guess the question is: Does DD-WRT or other non-stock setups provide this AirPrint "bridge"?  I don't recall seeing this before.