Allowing only certain websites for Mac address

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Allowing only certain websites for Mac address

I want to purchase a router that allows me to allow specified mac addresses access to only predefined web sites.

For example I want the computer with Mac Address xx.xx.xx.xx.xx to have access only to,,, etc.

I'd like to do this with a couple of computers on my network.

Most routers let me block only certain websites - not what I want

Most routers let me block the whole internet - not what I want

I have not found a router that will let me do this - but it would seem like a pretty obvious feature to me (hah!).

Any suggestions?  

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yes... unfortunately most of

yes... unfortunately most of the routers do not allow you to specify some website for some specific mac address.. But can be done with a bit of modification. You can download any of the opensource firmwares published here. We can also modify the firmware as per your request.... Please stay tuned...

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Cool! I am very happy to

Cool! I am very happy to purchase whatever router I need to accomplish this!


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if you really want to do

if you really want to do these features, you should buy Something real

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Sonic Wall - sure for a

Sonic Wall - sure for a million dollars! I have a home network - not a fortune 500 company! If I wanted to go the full proxy server route I would - and could for only the cost of a very cheap computer - which appears to be the only route available.
As for the WGR614L - I am not a programmer so that's not an option.

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I've been shopping

I've been shopping (unsuccessfully) for exactly this feature in an inexpensive router. It's basically parental control, at least until the kids learn to go to sites directly by IP.

I have not done 'true' development since college, but at least it was c/c++. Hope that will be enough to get me started on a project here.

Any advice on where to start is greatly appreciated (best firmware, functions to modify, best way to store lists of sites & MACs, etc.).