Are Kong builds always beta/testing/rolling release?

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Are Kong builds always beta/testing/rolling release?

Hi all, I recently installed Kong's dd-wrt after learning about Netgear's misstep with the exploit.  I felt it was disgusting that they took so long to address the issue.

I have 02-Dec-16 installed, and am generally satisfied with the experience.

There are however, a few glitches here and there, and they require a reboot.  My perception is that Kong's builds are in a perpetual rolling release, and thus should always be considered beta/testing.

I also note that Kong releases builds frequently on a 2-4 week basis.  While this is great, the fact that dd-wrt requires are hard reset after every upgrade is more of an inconvenience than anything.  For my requirements I prefer a rock solid build that can sit untouched for 6 months with occassional maintainance.

For this reason I am considering making the switch to Tomato (last updated Aug 16);  I've never tried Tomato yet, and my tinkerer side wants to check it out.  Plus it's simpler UI/feature set might be JEOS for what I need.


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In life there are no

In life there are no guarantees.  Same is true with open source software.   Im glad atleast there an alternative firmware that is being updated

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Thanks for the well thought

Thanks for the well thought out article! Always wondered about the different users who make all this possible and what their niches are.






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    Kong personally tests his

    Kong personally tests his builds on specific hardware platforms. Note that his builds are not available to every make and model of dd-wrt compatible routers.

    If he finds an issue due to user feedback he quickly turns around a revised build with s fix.

    If that's beta, then I'm ok with that. One for the individual to decode.