**ATTENTION ADMIN - Open Router Forums DISAPPEARS when I log in...???!!!

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**ATTENTION ADMIN - Open Router Forums DISAPPEARS when I log in...???!!!

I know this isn't the right place to post this, but I don't see a 'site issue' forum or anything.

This just started all of a sudden today.

When I am **NOT** logged-in to my account here on My Open Router.com, I can VIEW all the forums, see and read all the threads and replies. 

BUT when I Log-In, then ALL Threads Disappear!!
Any threads that I have open, or open by a saved link, ONLY shows the title of the thread, but NONE of the posts or nothing else shows. 

What in the world would cause this????
Did they do a site update or something, and something went wrong, or a bug that has been overlooked???? 

Am I the only one having this issue?? I didn't think I had anyway to post at all, and just happened to find that I could hit the "new topic" button and it worked. So if others are having the same issues, they may not have found this out yet. 

I have tried this on 3 different browsers, chrome, Firefox and explorer, ALL 3 with the same results. 
This makes no sense.... never seen anything like this happen before. 

I hope they get this fixed, as right now I have to log-out just to see or read a thread.
Which also means I can't post any reply, as if I log in so I can post a reply, the thread, discussion, and reply buttons ALL disappear!

So can someone please forward this to the site administrators? 

I'll watch this thread to see if replies are posted, but I have to log out so I can read the thread. Which again means I will not be able to make any replies, I can only create a  "new topic".


MyOpenRouter Team
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Thanks for the heads up!

Thanks for the heads up!
Should be all fixed now.

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Yep! Looks like its working

Yep! Looks like its working this morning. yes
At first I thought it was something with my browser, but tried other browsers with the same results. Then I thought it was something with my computer, tried another computer with the same result. 

Anyway, Glad you got it fixed!