avahi / mdns-repeater

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avahi / mdns-repeater

I have a network setup at home that provides 2 (technically 3) SSID's. There are 2 that use the WAN (vlan2) to access the internet and the 3rd which uses a VPN connection. The purpose of this was to provide me simplicity for my home users to switch between Canadian and US content. All of this works flawless by design and my users with a simple switch of which WiFi network they are on, are able to just connect to the services needed. However, there is a catch:

My network is Apple-centric - 3 Apple TV's used for media streaming AND HomeKit AND AirPlay 

Canada is on br0 - which is 192.168.1.x/24
US is on tun0 - which is 10.0.100.x/24

I need to share mDNS traffic between the 2 subnets to allow full access within the LAN. I have tried to get mdns-repeater working with no success (keep getting permission denied) - I have also tried to install entware-ng version of avahi, but that seems to just die off after about a minute - and it never "reflects" the packets between the 2 subnets. 

I have tried about 100 different tutorials going from 2011 to 2016 with no success. I have my router setup with a thumb drive as per the standard settings of formatting and creating an /opt mount on the drive. 

Im running on a Netgear R8500 - Kong Mod - Latest build

Any thoughts or tricks that I am not finding?