Bandwidth Limit?

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Bandwidth Limit?

I'm using Kong's Latest DD-WRT build, dd-wrt-usb-ftp-samba3-dlna-O2-v24-K26-broadcom.bin on my WNR3500L. I know I can create up to 3 virtual WANs together with my main WAN. My question is whether I can limit the bandwidth of these networks so that I can share my internet, yet retain most of my bandwidth.

I believe I can use QoS as well to achieve a similar result, by making my PC/MAC address of highest priority, but I'm a router noob, and not very familiar with the use of QoS or how to configure it properly. And I'm not sure if enabling QoS will slow down my router, and by how much.

Can anyone help me with either ideas? The bandwidth one in particular?