Best wireless Ethernet bridge to use with the WNR3500L

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Best wireless Ethernet bridge to use with the WNR3500L

I'm thinking of getting one of these WNR3500L routers mainly for the USB NAS functionality, and of course the open source firmware options, I currently have an original xbox in my room which I've loaded with xbox media centre (XBMC) I currently have my computer linked by Ethernet and a shared 2TB hard drive which I keep my video files on.

I then watch my video files on my old 32inch CRT through my xbox set-up.

The downfall of this set-up is that it requires my computer to be constantly on and inside my room, which I'd prefer not to do. I was thinking I could plug my USB external hard drive into the USB port on the WNR3500L and share it without a computer over SMB.

My only problem is I don't know what Ethernet bridge I should get for my xbox, it only has an Ethernet port no other connections, I brought a bridge before with a dodgy NAS adapter and the streaming quality was less then desired. I'm hoping the new router and a n draft ethernet bridge should fix the speed issues.

Do any netgear n draft wireless Ethernet bridges exist? & if so which has the best performance for streaming video?

Lastly I currently pay for a VPN connection to bypass filters at university, can I use the WNR3500L as my own personal VPN server?