Big Scout Event, Light it up with WiFi, Controlled out, fast local

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Big Scout Event, Light it up with WiFi, Controlled out, fast local

I run a big event for the Boy and Girl Scouts (, we rent out the whole Rantoul IL Airport and the Chanute Aerospace museum (the air base buildings are RF hardened, and real problematic).  We want to light the whole area with WiFi... Provide local web server with class room info, and Moodle Merit Badge workshops on line with fast service, then we want to give Leaders WiFi out for getting email and working during the Merit Badge Seminars..

We can get internet connections from one to three places...

Any recommendations?  What firmware would you use and why?  It would be cool to have log on screens (access control), leave a side bar up with Weather, Merit Badge Seminnar class locations and times, meet the instructors, what is happening on the tarmac etc.

For Leaders, we need to control how much of the internet bandwidth they can have, it would be cool if we could dynamically control it.  Also we have a few events that eat up all the bandwidth and we need people off the WiFi pipe to the outside world.

We are thinking of a mesh network with routers in plastic (Tuperware like) cases plugged in (we do have power in a lot of outdoor areas) and meshed together (I think we have one Tomato Router now)...

Please let me know your thoughts!!!