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Block Sites and Time Schedule

I am new to this forum. I have a Nighthawk R8000 router. I am trying out the Nighthawk router and I am comparing its features to Linksys and Asus routers. The router has the latest stock firmware. So, my issues with the Nighthawk router is time scheduling and blocking sites PER hour PER device. I am not a big fan of OpenDNS, I do understand that it might be helpful to some people but I prefer to apply restrictions on the router itself. I would prefer NOT to use OpenDNS for filtering or setting parental controls. 


I understand you can set a time schedule to turn off the wireless radios in turn it affects all devices. I prefer to leave the wireless radios on and restrict the time to a single device.This should be a basic feature that comes with most routers. I am not sure why Netgear has excluded this feature from the Nighthawk R8000.  Next, I tried to block sites by keyword. I did try to block Facebook by adding Facebook as a keyword but I was, still, able to access it on my iPod (url and app) and laptop after I hit apply. I am not sure if it takes a few minutes for the restriction to get applied but it didn't seem to work.  Again, basic features should be included with the Nighthawk router. 




My two goals: 




1) I need to be able to set filters to block social media (FB, Twitter, KIK, etc..), movie streaming (Netflix, Youtube) and games (Movie Star Planet) PER device on an HOURLY basis. If I don't want my daughter to access Netflix for two hours in the afternoon, I should be able to make that quick block and it takes immediate affect on ALL of her devices. After two hours pass, I can grant her Netflix access. 




2) I need to be able to set a time schedule PER device on an HOURLY basis. I need the ability to set a time schedule to block internet access after 9pm on certain devices.  During the day, if I don't want my 2nd daughter to have internet access on ALL devices, again, I should be able to make the quick restriction to block time on all of the devices. After an hour or two has passed, I can grant her access on her devices.


I was thinking of trying the DDWRT firmware. I don't know anything about DDWRT firmware. Let me as a few questions regarding DDWRT.  


1.What is the best method to install DDWRT firmware without having any issues?


2. If I install DDWRT firmware, does this firmware provide better parental controls such as blocking sites and setting a time schedule?


3. After I install DDWRT firmware, if I don't like it or I start to experience some unknown issues, can I revert back to the stock firmware? 


I like the Nighthawk router and it is a fast router. However, I need to work through some of these issues such as time scheduling and being able to block sites to individual devices. I like the Linksys 1900ac and Asus 68u, these routers were very easy to set parental controls and set a time schedule. I can do all of this on the router itself. I would like to get away from using OpenDNS.

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I also am new to this forum.

I also am new to this forum. I just created thus account to reply to your message. I have the Linksys WRT1900AC and I liked the features, but something wasn't right with the wifi..just kept hanging and wasn't stable with different devices. Several people recommend this Nighthawk X6 and said I wouldn't be disappointed. I'm disappointed! I'm considering taking this thing back to the store. It is stable, but does not have the basic features I'm use to, including semi-decent parental controls. Might try DDwrt on it unless anyone else has any suggestions..