boot looping? after power surge...

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boot looping? after power surge...

Had a power surge/short caused by an old/bad light switch yesterday.  Tripped the breaker.

I powered the breaker back on, and now my R7000 just seems to be in some wierd boot loop.

I tried holding the reset button while powering it up, but that doesn't help.


so - guys? Thoughts?  help?

The router was running tomato, if that matters.


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Little to late but if someone

Little to late but if someone else gets into the above descriped situation you can try this:

  1. Shutdown the router
  2. Remove all ethernet cables from all ports, including the wan port
  3. Start the router
  4. Wait about 2min till 5 LEDs showing white (at least in my case)
  5. Connect all cables

I have to do this every reboot since a day with a voltage interruption.

Maybe I'll reset the router and start from scratch.