Bricked R7500v1

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Bricked R7500v1

Hi Everyone,

I need some assistance here and I will appreciate any help.

I tried to flash my R7500v1 router but without success, did it few times and ended with a bricked device.
flash never finished successfully.

I connected the serial cable and tried to fix it from inside but also without success.
someone in other forum suggested me to clean the partition (nand erase.part) and then retry flashing but I did a mistake and cleared the whole chip (nand erase.chip).

Now my router is really bricked… no CLI via serial because there is no bootloader installed.

Does anyone has an idea how to flash the the chip with bootloader and with a working firmware?

Thank you very much in advance!

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oh man did u do a bad thing.

oh man did u do a bad thing. probably jtag is the only alternative. im checking some sites to see if there might be a solution. will respond back.