Bridging VLAN to Virtual Wireless Interface

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Bridging VLAN to Virtual Wireless Interface


I am new to DD-WRT (and networking in general) and just installed the newest build from KONG (01-08-17). I then created three VLANS with their separate subnets (192.168.2.x, 192.168.3.x, 192.168.4.x).

Then I made a virtual wireless lan (wl0.1), however I cannot seem to connect this to the VLAN i want (

I created a bridge (br1) and bridged wl0.1 and VLAN5 ( together. I then gave the bridge the same IP as VLAN5 ( with the same mask as well. But when I then looked at DHCP, VLAN5 is already there with the 192.168.4 subnet, what should I then do with the bridge? Should it have DHCP as well or does it use the VLAN5 DHCP? Does wl0.1 also need an ip-address or can it just stay bridged?

Have read all the posts and forums I could find but they all seem to look into just creating a WLAN and not how to bridge this to a existing VLAN. 

If you guys also have some firewall rules that would be great. :)


Netgear R7000 AC1900 / KONG DD-WRT (2017-01-08)