Bridging WGR614 v7 with WRT54G v3

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Bridging WGR614 v7 with WRT54G v3

Hey and thanks for reading.

This is my first post, I've read through some of the forums on updating my Firmware in order to be able to convert the Linksys WRT54G router into a client. I've been to and and numberous others browsing all the different variations of firmware updates etc. I'm just a newb at this and I don't want to brick my routers.

 I have the WGR614 up and running as my default wireless access point, I know this routers firmware isn't based on Linux... that being the case, I know there really isn't reliable firmware upgrades written out there. However, I would like to be able to connect to it using the WRT54G. I'm going to be running a computer and two xBox360s on the WRT54G. 

 Is this possible? Is it problematic to link LINKSYS with NETGEAR? Could anyone point me to a reliable, firmware upgrade that would allow me to achieve this feat? Any additional info would be greatly appreciated. 


My thanks, to the myopenrouter community.