Cannot connect to the Surfboard!

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Cannot connect to the Surfboard!

I just got this router to replace the Linksys wrt54gs that has LAN troubles. I got this one up and running according to the instructions. I now have no access to the internet through it. The router log says the Wan Disconnected.... that's it. The LAN side of this router seems just fine. Now, I have my linksys between this one and the comcast surfboard. My linksys is providing the access to the cable modem and the netgear is providing the correct LAN operations.

I'm thinking that this would be a comcast thing. I've tried everything to get the modem to release the MAC of the Linksys....but it won't. When only the netgear is plugged into the modem....I cannot access the modem's setup page either. But, with the linksys in there, I can now see and access the netgear setup pages, the linksys setup pages, and the surfboard's setup pages.

I may not need you guy's help just yet....I've so far, only found a place to voice my thoughts while trying to get this going. I've got to call Comcast (ISP) and ask them about the modem and why it will not reset to the new router even after multiple power cycles, including one that was approx 2 hrs unplugged.

I will keep you guys posted on this. BTW, I did load the newest firmware ( before I knew there were any issues.

My guess, is it's with the modem and not the router....because the netgear got everything working just fine when I plugged the WAN port into a LAN port on my linksys. Everything popped up to life after that.

Thanks for letting me vent .... err.. explain.

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Sometimes problems with

Sometimes problems with losing connectivity result from a rouge 2.4GHz device in the area. Either a microwave, baby monitor, cordless phone or something similar. Next time it goes out, try to find out what things just got turned on or if you got a call on the coreless ect.. Or listen for neighbor's phones ringing. That could be the culprit as well.

Also, it is not unusual to have problems when too many routers are nearby and are using the same channel. Might try changing the wireless channel to a different number that is not the same as what comes from the factory.  If you don't have anything that will scan the airwaves and tell you what other wireless devices are nearby and what channel they are on, just try putting it on something like channel 9. 

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Sweet speeds! Your beating

Sweet speeds! Your beating mine now! :(