Can't find Fedora Core 2

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Can't find Fedora Core 2

I'm having trouble locating a download of "Fedora Core 2".

It would be nice for Netgear to update their code to use the current tools.

The oldest ver of Feroda shown on the site is ver 4 from 2004.

the current release is ver 8.

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In fact the download works

In fact the download works well with Fedora core 8 and as well as Fedora Core 7. You may need the comapt-gcc-* and compat-libstdc++, and compat-libgcc-296, packages. (I have them installed on my machine - so I cannot really say if they are needed or not).

It also should work on most otherr linux distribution with some minor path changes.

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to: Nachi

to: Nachi

You said that the download works well with F7 & F8.

Have you been able to compile and generate a image that is downloadable to the WGR614??

If so how or where did you get the "TRX" program from??

Also where did the "comapt-gcc-* and compat-libstdc++, and compat-libgcc-296, packages"

from, thay are not part of  Fedora 8 or the optional items??

Thank you

Howard R. Levy

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Hi Howard R. Levy

Hi Howard R. Levy

You can use the trx utility from any broadcom based routers. Some of the versions of the source code at the Netgear's download site has precompiled trx binaries for 64-bit Intel architecture and doesn't run on 32 bit PC/laptops. Also if will be great if you could find the trx utility and post the output of two commands

$ file trx


$ mipsel-linux-ldd trx

After you have installed the gcc toolchains and set the propoer PATH variables. 

I have notices that the latest verion of WGR614v8's source code has a correct utility and it is very similar to WGR614L. you can use the soruce code for firmware version 1.1.2 at and take the trx utility from there.

If you use the yum utility for software installation in Fedora you can just type

# yum list 'compat-gcc-*' 'compat-libstdc++*' 'compat-libgcc-296*'

as root user and you can check if these are already installed. These are optional packages to the base systems and library of fedora and is included in the fedore distributions and repositories.

and then install the packages using

# yum list 'compat-gcc-*' 'compat-libstdc++*' 'compat-libgcc-296*'

Here is what I have installed in my Fedora code 8.

# yum list 'compat-*'

fedora 100% |=========================| 2.1 kB 00:00

updates-source 100% |=========================| 2.1 kB 00:00

updates 100% |=========================| 2.3 kB 00:00

fedora-source 100% |=========================| 2.1 kB 00:00

adobe-linux-i386 100% |=========================| 951 B 00:00

Installed Packages

compat-gcc-34.i386 3.4.6-8 installed

compat-gcc-34-c++.i386 3.4.6-8 installed

compat-gcc-34-g77.i386 3.4.6-8 installed

compat-libf2c-34.i386 3.4.6-8 installed

compat-libstdc++-296.i386 2.96-139 installed

compat-libstdc++-33.i386 3.2.3-62 installed

Do let us know if your problem got solved.

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hello Nachi:

hello Nachi:

thanks for the input on 'compat stuff' I have installed it, but still TRX is bad / missing.

correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the Wgr614v8 code the code for WGR614L ??

I can not find any code listed as WGR614L.

if I try to run/execute the TRX in '' bcm5354/tools' I get '

""bash: ./trx: cannot execute binary file""

thank you again

howard r levy

Peter Redmer
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Hello hrlevy - you can find

Hello hrlevy - you can find Nachi's solution to the TRX problem in our downloads section, or by clicking here.

Good luck with your build and enjoy the site!