Can't upgrade firmware

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Can't upgrade firmware

I have my Netgear WNR3500L flashed with the Tomato firmware (version 1.28.9053 MIPSR2-beta K26 USB Ext). The router works fine, but I have not been able to upgrade to any of the newer versions of Tomato.

The status bar is stuck at "Uploading (3%)" (sometimes it is 4%), and the page just says:

Please wait while the firmware is uploaded & flashed.
Warning: Do not interrupt this browser or the router!

It doesn't matter if I wait 20 minutes – it never gets any further. I have tried using the upgrade procedure in both Chrome and Internet Explorer with serveral different builds of Tomato with no success over a period of 4 month with multiple reboots of the router.

Any ideas on how I can upgrade my router?

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Yikes. I don't have one of

Yikes. I don't have one of these routers, but I do know that several thousand people have downloaded Tomato for it, and as far as I know they are able to upgrade from the GUI. Perhaps someone on this forum can offer some advice. It sounds like it's sent some data and isn't getting a response. I would recheck the fixed IP you set on your PC to flash it, the PC's gateway should be set to the router's IP, then check cable, and so on. But I expect you did that already :-)

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I have set Tomato to use

I have set Tomato to use HTTPS for the administration web interface, and perhaps that was the cause of the problem. When I changed to HTTP I had no problem upgrading to the latest version, and the changed back to using HTTPS.

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Thanks for the info. Have the

Thanks for the info. Have the same problem before. What I did is do a factory reset and do the upgrade after. Now I know the reason why it went through :)