captive portal - general questions

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captive portal - general questions


Some questions about Captive Portal.

Netgear WNR3500l v2
Tomato by Shibby for WNR3500Lv2 v117 (All In One)

1. I have not been able to get MAC white list to work.  I turned on CP Log Info Level = 10, and see the entry in the log as
unknown user.notice root: nat::NoCat_Capture: Bypassing all traffic to/from whitelisted MAC: XX:F0:2F:4C:E7:01
(my XX in the MAC) and do not get the "OK, I Agree" dialog (correctly), but do not get "bypassed" to internet access.

2. CP intercepts port 80 calls and redirects to to a page on the Netgear at port 5280.  If someone starts in https a secure page - port 443 they get no indication/redirect to accept the T&Cs (OK, I Agree).  Is there a way around this?  To redirect port 443 traffic?

3. Time out.  When the time out occurs the connection ends silently.  Says so in the info on CP - Note: If Login Time is expired you should re-enter again into the splash page to get a new lease period. Be aware, there is no notice about expired period so, you can loss Internet Access.  This is real annoying and should be "fixed" so that a user has an indication.  Any indication would work.

TIA for any insights.