CFE save command

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CFE save command

How do i use the save command in the CFE? ive been trying to dump some data to a pc but i cant seem to get either the router or the pc to respond. ive set the ip of the pc to and i can pingeach other, just tftp dosent seem to pickup.

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Are you on a Linux or Windows

Are you on a Linux or Windows PC?

In case of a Linux PC you need to make sure
1) you don't have firewall rules to block the service
2) You have tftpd server installed and enabled.
3) and you have an empty file the tftp server directory (usually /tftpboot) with write permission for all (666) and /tftpboot directory also have at least 755 permission.

For Windows the same principle applies, you may need to debug the issue a little bit more.