Cisco 1900 series router configuration project

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Cisco 1900 series router configuration project

Taking on challenges far above my pay grade is always entertaining and who can argue with a boss that's willing to buy $3000.00 worth of hardware for me to experiment with and setup for production.

Today's mission? setup and configure a brand new Cisco1941 router with the wireless access point working in 2.4ghz mode with wpa2 security using the existing configuration from a very old cisco 1701 as a network services template.

Completing this is likely a tall order for a day given my level of familiarity with the new 1941w however i have configured a cisco 871w for production several years ago.

The key difference between Cisco routers that have a wireless radio is that ip addresses cannot be directly assigned to the physical ethernet ports which requires some effort creating "virtual interface groups" to assign ip addresses to for routing network traffic. This can be a challenging concept for anyone that's become accustomed to working with pure bare metal hardware like an ethernet card in a desktop pc.

Additionally both the physical interfaces and the wireless interfaces are both individual routers meaning both have to be configured independently as two separate routers which must be configured to communicate all traffic from both the lan gigabit nic and the 2.4 ghz wireless access point. this model also has a dual band wifi radio meaning it will do both the more common 2.4ghz and 5ghz radio spectrum. This router does have a java based web config assistant which is moderately useful but far less flexible than using the time honored CLI console config method.

challenges do lie ahead as there's not many existing configuration templates available online to use for reference due to this device being a very new cisco platform.cisco1921 This related cisco forums post has however been very helpful so far. Setting this up however is akin to configuring two advanced level routers and one switch in one square foot lol.