Clarification on Updating Kong Mod DDWRT for noob user

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Clarification on Updating Kong Mod DDWRT for noob user

I use Kong Mod on NG NightHawk R700 AC1900 and am currently at version

<b>DD-WRT v3.0-r29620M kongac</b>

<b>I have already backed up my settings which I do bi-weekly or monthly</b>

<b>I downloaded the latest version of Kong Mod DDWRT as of today 1/4/17</b>

<b>The downloaded version is a .chk file from Kong&#39; repo</b>


My question which I have been searching for online for about 2 months is: When updating to a newer version what is the best policy; go back to original NG firmware and then reinstall Kong or update to new ver Kong using my current Kong install?

I appreciate the help. Thanks Kong for the awesome router firmware its much appreciated.

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Going to have to watch this

Going to have to watch this post. I was about to ask the same thing except i haven't updated since the dec 2014 build but want to upgrade to the lastest build


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Make that 3 of us :-)

Make that 3 of us :-)

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You should be able to upgrade

You should be able to upgrade directly from your current build,  just be sure to select  "Don't reset" in the drop-down option after flashing so you don't lose your  configuration.   ;)


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From what I know you should

From what I know you should use the .bin file once the dd-wrt Kong build is flashed. The .chk is only used for the first flash from the oem firmware.

I reckon the easiest upgrade method is to use the ddup utility. Telnet or ssh into the router and run:
ddup --flash-latest

For more info, run:
ddup --help

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I was also wondering how to

I was also wondering how to update the firmware in my R7000.

When using this telnet-command; will this also save my current configuration?

Just asking, it probably will, but better safe than sorry ;-)



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I finally got to upgrade and

I finally got to upgrade and just like you said easy as pie. Thanks again

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The safest way to upgrade the

The safest way to upgrade the Kong DD-WRT is to do the following:

1. print out screen shots where you have changed your router settings

2. return your dd-wrt version to its default settings

3. reboot the router

4. open a command prompt and type "telnet"

5. connect to your router IP........e.g. (so at the command prompt it would look like this .... telnet

6. when asked for a user name , enter "root"

7. when asked for a password, use your router's password (default "admin")

8. when you are connected to the router, then type ddup --flash-latest

9. confirm the upgrade and let it run

10. once the upgrade is done, go into DD-WRT using default username and password, set to default settings and reboot again

11. now grab the copies of your printed prior settings and manually re-enter them

DO NOT reload saved settings from a prior DD-WRT version.   "ddup" is a Kong applet built into his open source to upgrade his builds and makes sure you will get the right version for your router; too many folks choose the wrong dd-wrt version for their router when they do the manual .bin upgrade    It also performs a checksum on the uploaded file to assure its integrity.   Returning to default settings and rebooting before and after the software upgrade will greatly reduce the chances of you bricking your router or messing up ongoing settings or leaving residual settings in place that produce unexpected results.