CLI/Console Commands via Telnet

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CLI/Console Commands via Telnet

I've been looking for a few days now. While I've found lots on telnetable and getting telnet access to the router, I can find almost nothing on what to do after you get access.

I'm looking for someone to point me to where I can find a guide to configuring the Router in telnet via console commands for the R7000 router.

For example, changing the channel for 5ghz.

Is there a guide to working with the router on this level anywhere?

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I've not seen any guide, but

I've not seen any guide, but NVRAM should be an important command for different settings.

If you do nvram show you'll see a lot of settings. If you just type nvram you'll see the options for nvram. With nvram set... you can set things.
For example:

nvram set wl1_channel=136

Should set 5ghz (wl1) to channel 136.