client bridge loses connection

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client bridge loses connection

I'm running a WRT54g with DD-WRT v24 as a client bridge. I've set it up according to the wiki on the dd-wrt site. It works great when I first set it up, but then at some point it drops the connection and it is a huge hassle to get it working again.

on the status screen, it tends to say that it is still connected, but I have no connectivity. If I look at the access point it is connected to, it still lists the router as connected (with about a 30% signal strength) even when the client bridge claims that it is not connected. I've tried to do a search on available access points, and click "Join"... it will say that it has been successful, but then doesn't work.


Any suggestions?




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Well I can't say much abt

Well I can't say much abt about WRT54G but I have tested client/repeater bridge with DD-WRT on Netgear's WGR614L and it works OK ....
May be u shud look for this pblm at some linksys site ... this site is dedicated to Netgear products and I doubt if anybody here can provide u any suggestion ...
All d best ..

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Client bridge works well for

Client bridge works well for me using Fon2100/dd-wrt
The settings are tricky, try doing a 30.30.30 reset on the wrt54g then set it up again.
Be sure to follow the instuctions carefully as regards the firewall....

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I had the same problem with

I had the same problem with the stock firmware. Turns out my problem was that I wasn't running both routers on the same channel. Make sure your channel isn't set to "auto" and that both have the same value.